The study title was “A Randomized Trial of the Acceptability and Safety of Early Infant Male Circumcision (EIMC) Conducted by Nurse midwives and Clinical officers using the Mogen clamp”

The study aim was ‘to assess the safety and acceptability of Early Infant Male Circumcision (EIMC) provided by newly trained Clinical Officers (COs) and Nurse Midwives (NMWs.) in Rakai, Uganda.’

The study Hypotheses were that ‘COs and NMWs will be comparable with respect to safety as measured by moderate/severe adverse events (AEs), and their rates of AEs will be comparable to those observed among physicians in African studies. EIMCs performed by COs and NMWs will be acceptable to parents”

The study activities commenced in mid-2014, and completed enrollment of five hundred 1-28 day healthy newborn boys in June, 2015

Our Location

The RHSP is located at the Uganda Virus Research Institute of the Ministry of Health in Entebbe (~15 minutes from Entebbe International airport) and in Kalisizo, Rakai District (about 2.30 hours from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda) where the Program has extensive field operations.


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