Monitoring and Evaluation(M&E)

The M&E department led by Joseph Kagaayi was formed to monitor and evaluate the quality of services through the DLP in Rakai District. The team works jointly with district Health team. The team is composed of at least 25 district members and 8 RHSP members. The team carries out quarterly assessments at the health facilities to review performance and engage the health workers to initiate and implement quality improvement activities. The performance is monitored by use of score cards and charts.

The M&E team works with the following core values:

  1. Monitoring the health unit performance
  2. Initiate and provide oversight for quality improvement
  3. Support the district to collect high quality data.
  4. Support the district to generate timely and accurate HMIS reports
  5. Support the district to meet its annual performance HIV treatment and prevention targets 

At the end of each quarterly monitoring round, we support the district to hold a performance review meeting. At this function, best practices are shared and solutions to the general challenges are discussed. We also recognize and award the best performers during the quarter.

The team also provides onsite mentorship for the struggling health facilities so as to spur quality improvement. We also call for special meetings to discuss challenges as identified by particular program areas and brainstorm on a way forward. The team also carries out a needs assessment exercise annually. This exercise informs the district administration and other stakeholders about the gaps that hinder quality of services. These may be but not restricted to Human Resource, Infrastructure and other medical related supplies.

Our Location

The RHSP is located at the Uganda Virus Research Institute of the Ministry of Health in Entebbe (~15 minutes from Entebbe International airport) and in Kalisizo, Rakai District (about 2.30 hours from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda) where the Program has extensive field operations.