The pharmacy section serves the clinical services and some research studies.

The pharmacy has two mini stores (at the “research Centre” and at the “RHSP HIV clinic (ARV) building), each with a dispensing window.

The pharmacy stores are well stocked with essential medicines for treatment of common illnesses, sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) and opportunistic infections. All drugs are dispensed to clients free of charge, against a prescription from an authorized care provider.

The pharmacies serve community members, RHSP staff, and staff children up to five years of age, HIV positive clients and research participants.

The pharmacy team also closely works with district health facilities providing HIV care services, providing mentorship and support supervision to ensure effective supply chain management. This has reduced incidences of stock outs in the district.

Antiretroviral drugs and some opportunistic infection prophylactic drugs like dapsone, cotrimoxazole and fluconazole are obtained from Medical Access Uganda limited.

In 2015, the RHSP pharmacy received a golden award in recognition of their excellence in logistics management.

Our Location

The RHSP is located at the Uganda Virus Research Institute of the Ministry of Health in Entebbe (~15 minutes from Entebbe International airport) and in Kalisizo, Rakai District (about 2.30 hours from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda) where the Program has extensive field operations.