RHSP has been providing free treatment for Sexually Transmitted Illnesses (STIs) under a Static arm for both HIV positive and negative patients. On average over 300 patients are treated for STIs per month from the Static Clinic. Studies have shown that among HIV-1 discordant couples in Rakai, the main determinants of transmission per coital act are genital ulceration and higher viral load. (Ronald H Gray, 2001). Therefore all patients treated for STIs are given an opportunity for free HIV testing and counseling. Those found HIV positive are linked into free HIV care services. Those found negative are given HIV prevention information and condoms are availed. As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility, the community from the study area has access to free medical consultation from the static clinic. The Static clinic also doubles as an outpatient clinic for RHSP staff.

Our Location

The RHSP is located at the Uganda Virus Research Institute of the Ministry of Health in Entebbe (~15 minutes from Entebbe International airport) and in Kalisizo, Rakai District (about 2.30 hours from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda) where the Program has extensive field operations.


New Vacancies: 1. District Health Information Officers (2) 2. HIV Care & Treatment Officer(1) 3. Electrician (1)…
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