What is the Stylish Man –stylish Living Campaign?
The "Stylish Man – Stylish Living" campaign is a novel community mobilization and multi-media demand generation campaign designed to improve the health and wellbeing of men and women in Rakai and their families, through a combination of community mobilization, edutainment and mass media.  
The campaign also seeks to “de-medicalize” health services by promoting them in a non-medical, fun and fashionable manner that suits the day-to-day lives of ordinary men and women in Rakai.
Health Services under the stylish man – stylish living campaign
Target Audiences
  • Men who are 18 – 45 years of age and have not been circumcised
  • Women who are 18 – 45 years of age who are not currently using any family planning method.
  • Men and women who are 18 – 45 years of age, who are HIV positive but not on HIV care
Influencing audiences who include: local leaders and the members that the community regards successful.
Goal and Approach

Campaign Message

There is a new way of living in Rakai – called “Stylish Living." "Stylish Living" is about careful enjoyment of life. It means remaining in control and taking charge of your life choices, knowing what you want in life and doing everything possible to achieve it, giving your children the best in life by making appropriate plans for your family. It also means discussing family matters with your partner and being ‘clever’

Stylish Men RHSP

Campaign Hypothesis

The demedicalisation of critical health services like FP, SMC, HCT, eMTCT, ART and Condom use, packages them to men and women in Rakai, as fashionable and embodiments of stylish living, and will therefore be more likely to adopt these services.

Stylish Men RHSP

The Stylish Van

The Stylish Van fitted with a stage and a multi-media communication system is scheduled to visit 18 intervention communities providing activations, health education, HIV and FP services, organized in community mobile outreaches known as The Stylish Living Centers.

The Stylish Living attributes:

  • Take charge of your life and Family
  • Work hard to earn a living
  • Discuss Family matters with your loved one
  • Give your children the best in life.

Campaign Evaluation

The campaign is evaluated at two levels:

  • Mass media at the district level; This is done through comparison of knowledge, attitudes and the health service acceptance/coverage in RCCS R16 survey round which is be considered to be the baseline in comparison with RCCS R17 survey round, the follow up round after the campaign roll out.
  • Experiential at the community level; 10 RCCS Super Clusters have been randomly assigned to intervention and control. Evaluation compares knowledge, people’s exposure to the campaign as well as the health service coverage between intervention and control clusters.

Our Location

The RHSP is located at the Uganda Virus Research Institute of the Ministry of Health in Entebbe (~15 minutes from Entebbe International airport) and in Kalisizo, Rakai District (about 2.30 hours from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda) where the Program has extensive field operations.