The primary responsibility of our laboratory is to ensure that samples collected for both research and service programs are of good quality and that results generated are accurate and are availed in a timely manner.
To maintain quality, we conduct training, re-training and support supervision for our field and laboratory staff on a regular as well as on as needed basis.
The laboratory is staffed with 15 qualified, well trained, well mentored and very competent staff.

Lab Capacity

The lab is equipped with well-maintained equipment with capacity to handle different sample types (blood, urine, swabs, stool, CSF, sputum, foreskins, etc.) and to do tests including hematology, clinical chemistry, serology, flowcytometry, molecular biology and microbiology. We also acquired a Genexpert machine which has improved our ability to diagnose M. Tuberculosis and resistance to rifampicin.
Since its installation in 2014, 325 smear negative samples have tested positive on the Genexpert. We are grateful to the ICER and the CDC funded PEPFAR Programs which provide some of the support for laboratory equipment, maintenance and supplies.

RHSP Lab Staff

RHSP Samples Repository

Sample Repository

Our lab has a sample repository with capacity to house 40 (forty) -80°C freezers (85 X 30ft) and a cold room. The repository is powered by the main grid which is backed up by two standby generators.


The lab participates in proficiency testing programs including the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and UKNEQAS as an external quality assurance measure. Internal quality control (IQC) systems are also in place to ensure quality test results.

Our laboratory is compliant to ISO: 15189:2012 and is working towards accreditation.

Mobile Laboratory

We have established capacity to provide mobile (outreach) laboratory support to both research and service programs when needed. Processing of RCCS samples is now done in the field to improve on sample integrity.
Our lab provides technical support to lab hubs that support government and private health facilities in 12 districts in Masaka region through mentorship, support supervision and supply chain management.


Head Office, Kalisizo

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